About me

Hello I am Libby otherwise known as Elizabeth Murphy.  I specialise in will writing and run my own company which is Huntley Wilde Legal Ltd in London, Oxford and Somerset.  Prior to that I worked for 8 years at G Huw Lewis Solicitors in Neath.

I’ve written blog articles dealing with legal issues and how the law shapes every day life in the past, both on legal forums and also on my personal blog. This was purely for my own interest and research purposes, putting my thoughts down in writing, and also good practice for answering exam questions, but friends started taking an interest and people I didn’t know started following my posts. To my surprise I started developing a following and one of my blog articles on Legal Aid reform was even linked to by the Law Society.

Because of this I decided to set up this blog to focus fully on legal issues and explain a bit about the law to people who are interested in it generally, and also for people interesting in obtaining legal advice.

The law affects everyone, every day and in ways that people often don’t even realise. I am passionate about the law, which is why I wanted to become a lawyer. I love analysing the development of laws, the application of law and how law affects society, people and the world. I shouldn’t have been surprised that people started to become interested in my blog posts, because law is such a shaping factor in life and culture.

So I hope you enjoy reading this blog, I’m also on Twitter as libby_legal if you want to follow me there!

Libby Murphy G.Inst.L.Ex (Graduate Member of the Institute of Legal Executives)



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