Power of Attorney

Planning ahead is crucial.

Nobody wants to think about it but what happens when you can’t handle your own affairs any more?

If you become mentally incapacitated and your affairs are not put in order, how will things like your care be funded if your money cannot be accessed? How will your family be provided for? Will your wishes be carried out?

If you are cinsidered unable to carry out your own affairs any more and have not appointed someone to take over all of your assets are frozen and could remain so for many months until the Court of Protection appoints a Deputy to take over thier affairs.

This can be stressful, costly and time consuming.

Setting up a Power of Attorney will resolve these issues. There are various types of Power of Attorney.

An “Ordinary Power of Attorney” gives someone of your choosing authority to act on your behalf in property or finance related matters.

This covers situations such as going abroad and needing someone to act on the sale of your property in the UK or looking after your bank account. These can last for as long as you wish and can be revoked at any time.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney: a Property and Affairs LPA, (similar to an Ordinary Power of Attorney which deal with all aspects of your property and financial affairs), and a Personal Welfare LPA.

A Personal Welfare Power of Attorney gives someone of your choosing authority to make decisions about your personal welfare should you become unable to.

It is important to note that an Ordinary Power of Attorney would become invalid should you loose your mental capacity, an LPA does not.

We will set up Power of Attorney for you. This can be a stressful experience and we will ensure the process is completed with sensitivity and tact in order to ensure that all of your wishes are “set in stone” and in place for the future.

We will happily travel in the South Wales area if you are unable to attend our offices.


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