Make a Will

I think it is critical that everyone has a Will in order to make sure that thier property goes to the people or charitable organisations they want, as well as assisting those that are left behind in dealing with the adminstration of the Estate.

If you are interested in making a Will please email me at or and I will send you my standard Will form.

Prices start from £75.00. All prices are fixed cost and include a consultation to take the instructions, the drafting of the Will itself, and a further consultation to sign the Will.

I understand people are busy, and one of the most common reasons I’ve heard for not making a Will is “I’ve not had the time.” As most lawyers work normal business hours people often don’t have time, or cannot get an appointment to suit them.

Because of this I offer a Will writing service that takes this into account. I have met with clients on weekends, after work, over email and over the phone. If a client is elderly I will happily make home visits in the local area (and further afield for travel costs and travel time)

All of the Wills I write are fully insured, safe, have no “strings attached” like many of the firms that appear on programmes such as Watchdog. You are also safe in the knowledge that I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and, on top of the qualification criteria, have also completed further studies in Wills and Probate.

Please also read my articles on wills and making a will.


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