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Today, 4 years ago, our senior partner, George Huw Lewis, passed away. He was 68 and it was a great shock.

He is missed every day but it is always on this anniversary that it hits me the most. Huw was more than just a boss. He was a mentor, an inspiration and “a character.” Eccentric to the point of infuriation sometimes ~ it was his little “joke” to hide files you were working on and enjoyed watching you panic and search the office until it would “appear” on the shelf next to him and he would say, in his Richard Burton voice, “is this what you were looking for?”

He was also a sensational lawyer. He’d mostly retired from doing litigation by the time I started at the firm but according to those that saw him on his feet he was beyond anything you’d see on the most carefully scripted TV drama.

He taught me so much about this profession and also about life. He taught me to never to give up, the value of thinking creatively and that life is too short to drink bad wine, hold grudges and to just relax. His favourite song was “Singing in the Rain” and was also his way of living ~ whatever life threw at him he would take it on the chin, and do so with a smile.

My father, one of his oldest and dearest friends, has taken the practice on in Huw’s name and we continue to run the firm in the way he would have wanted it. Friendly, personal and dedicated to helping people whether the matter is big or small. ( There’s a bit about the firm on my homepage https://libbylegal.wordpress.com/g-huw-lewis/ )

He loved his horses, and whilst it’s a dreadful scan, this is my favourite picture of Huw, a massive horse, and the Queen tramping through the mud.

Rest in Peace.